Samurai events is een vriendengroep welke is ontstaan door onze liefde en interesse voor het oude Japan.
Van oorsprong is dit begonnen met een harnas welke voor Danny gemaakt was door een goede vriend.

Danny en Ivo

Frans en Paul

Ever since I watched the first televison series of “Shogun” (with Richard Chamberlain) as a kid, I was fascinated with Japan and its old samurai-traditions.

At age 16 I was allowed by my parents to buy my first Japanese swords. And 16 years ago I talked with a friend who was a metal worker. As a challenge he would try to my make me a samurai armour, which was one of my dreams. He worked more then a year on it and it fitted me. Being present at several events and festivals, I encountered people with the same interest and so I started the group “Samurai Events”, which is growing now annually. In the mean time Samurai Events is more than just some people with a samurai armour and some weapons.. it has become a family like community of Japan enthusiasts which highlights the traditional arts and aspects of the old Japan, including budo, geisha and oiran art, taiko drumming and even kabuki. I am so proud that the building of my armour led to a community of Japan lovers and I am so fortunate to have met so many enthusiast people, which I can now call… my friends!

Do you share the same passion? Then maybe you could join us

Warm regards. Danny Craeye

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